Here is our GREAT dog!

Click picture to see "OPPOSITE SEBASTIAN"
What a cutie!
He is getting old gracefully
What a nice face! What a nice face!
Isn't that the nicest face you've ever seen??!?
Happy dog
He sure is a strange looking dog!
Old dog
This is a recent pic, (4/24/2002)
He hates the flash!
He hates the flash!
New Pic (4/24/2002)
He wants to go somewhere!
He knew that we bought the van just for HIM!
There he is!
Out in our front yard.
The good dog
Amber and Sebastian having fun on the trails in Hagan Stone park, about 20 minutes from home. Poor dog is really tired.
We live in Greensboro, North Carolina. This is a side view of our new house. You can see him guarding the corner.

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